VIDEO: Thug Attacks Marine With Baseball Bat; Learns <strong>PAINFUL</strong> Lesson

VIDEO: Thug Attacks Marine With Baseball Bat; Learns PAINFUL Lesson

VIDEO: Thug Attacks Marine With Baseball Bat; Learns PAINFUL Lesson

Some thugs and bullies think they are tougher than they really are, and these same individuals often underestimate the strength and resolve of those they come in contact with or attempt to intimidate.

Case in point was a skinny thug in Philadelphia wjp picked a fight with a larger man believed to be a Marine, attacking him with a baseball bat but ending up being taken down with his own weapon.

The incident occurred in May, 2014, and was caught by a surveillance camera trained upon that particular street corner.

What began as an expletive-filled disagreement over an unknown issue seemed like it had been resolved when the smaller man left the street and entered into a building, disappearing from view.

The larger man was on his cellphone during the entire shouting match, and remained on his phone after the thug left, though he seemed to be keeping an eye out for his return.

It is a good thing that he continued to stay aware, as the thug suddenly returned to the street wielding a baseball bat and charged full speed at the larger man.

Displaying amazingly quick reactions, the larger man was able to block a blow from the bat and grapple with his attacker, slamming him into a nearby car.

The struggle went on for several moments, with the man repeatedly urging bystanders to call the police.

The thug nearly broke free of the larger man’s grasp at one point, but was ultimately spun around and slammed into another vehicle, with the bat being used to pin his arms above him and press against his throat, choking him out.


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