Unleashed & Unchecked, Fake News Media Propaganda Will Destroy America

Unleashed & Unchecked, Fake News Media Propaganda Will Destroy America

President Donald Trump stands as a lone but powerful voice and bulwark against a socialist take-over of our Democratic Republic and our freedoms!

What we, Americans, are witnessing today is the incestuous union of technology, the Federal Bureaucracy and of radical, hateful elements in Congress, in the social media and in the Press, working in concert, at the behest of Billionaire Neoliberal transnationalists, in a naked, reprehensible bid to destroy our Great Nation and a free people, and all in an attempt to usher into existence a new system of governance—one devoid of once-powerful Nation States—a neo-feudalistic New Monstrous Collectivist World Order.

This is the vision of Radical Left Marxists and Antifa Anarchists—their notion of a paradise on Earth; but really a hell-world they wish to bring to fruition, into actuality. This is their vision of a new transformative America that they would bequeath to us instead of that bequeathed to us by the Founders of our Great Nation.

And insidiously, outrageously these Radical Left Marxists and Anarchists use the very power inherent in our Constitution and the very power of a free market economy upon which our Constitutional Republic exists, against that very Republic, and against the citizenry of this Nation. In so doing, these Radical elements would dare rob the American people of their birthright; all the while proclaiming that this a good thing; that this should happen; that this must occur to bring about equality and equanimity and justice; that this the way things ought to be—reducing us all to squalor, unrelenting malaise, and poverty. It is happening before our very eyes, gathering increasing momentum. And the words and actions and methods of these Radical Left elements and Anarchists in Government, in the Press, in social media, in the entertainment business, in the information technology sector, and among the citizenry itself are becoming more and more outrageous, more and more bizarre, more and more acute.

Every day we see the worst excesses engaged in by those malevolent forces bent on destroying all that most Americans, the silent majority, hold most dear and sacred. And, only, we, the American people, can prevent it from playing out to its disastrous end, an end which means the destruction of our Nation’s Constitution; the loss of our people’s personal identity, history, culture and personal autonomy; the end of the independence and sovereignty of our Nation-State, the end of our centuries-old system of laws, and justice, and jurisprudence: all of it gone; and that this supposed to be a good thing! The end of the exercise of our own Free Will!

Here, Below, Are Delineated, A Few Of The Schemes Radical Left Marxists And Anarchists Have Devised And Utilized To Undercut The Continued Existence Of The United States, As An Independent, Free Republic.

  • Encourage american citizens to abort their babies, reducing the population of educated americans, inculcated with a knowledge of their constitution and of their fundamental rights and liberties
  • Encourage unskilled, illiterate itinerants to emigrate illegally to the u.S., Thereby fostering a new population of drones, conditioned to servitude and ignorant of our constitutional republican form of government and oblivious to and unconcerned about the import and purpose of our nation’s fundamental, natural, unalienable and immutable rights and liberties
  • Encourage the american public to forsake and forget its unique history, heritage, and core christian values, through media use of propaganda; and through censorship of alternative viewpoints to suppress all dissent; and through noxious, incessant, repetitious condemnation of and even assertions of hatred, abhorrence directed toward our national emblems, and through assertions of loathing directed toward our nation’s institutions. And through attacks against our nation’s well-developed and honored system of laws and jurisprudence that has well stood the test of time; and–as if all that were not horrendous enough–through incessant assaults directed against our nation’s illustrious, loving founding fathers—as the mainstream media outrageously questions whether the founding fathers, the framers of our sacred constitution, even deserve our continued reverence and devotion
  • Subvert and subordinate the supremacy of our constitution and statutes through attempts to bind our nation to secretive international pacts and treaties, in order to undermine our national sovereignty and independence and to undercut the philosophical underpinnings of our nation, grounded on the importance of the individual: Of individual autonomy and integrity and sanctity of self
  • Divide the nation against itself through the mechanism of identity politics
  • Raise this idea of victim-hood to the level of a virtue and holy principle, inserting this false idea into the mind and psyche of the american citizen; to create in the american public a sense of collective guilt, thereby weakening the resolve of our nation’s citizenry to thwart attempts to destroy a citizenry’s pride in self and nation
  • Indoctrinate the youth of our nation to accept collectivist tenets and marxist political and economic principles as superior to the tenets of individualism upon which our nation's constitution rests and upon the notions of personal property and of free market capitalism, that alone are consistent with the import and purport of our constitution and of the structure of a free republic
  • Reeducate the adult population of our nation to accept the precepts of collectivism, to create a sense of dependency of the population on government to satisfy the population’s needs and wants to crush the individual into submission by inculcating in the population a desire to belong to the group through pre-programmed behavior—defined by agencies of government—thereby thwarting the public to rise up against the tyranny of government.
  • Disarm american citizens to prevent those who do not comply with the new collectivist philosophy from securing for themselves the means to hold government accountable to the people

A compliant propaganda-laden Press, sold on the idea of a Marxist style one world Government—a vision of global domination of all Western Nation States, contemplating the end of the very notions of ‘nation-state’ and ‘citizen of a nation-state’—has demonstrated an ecstatic willingness and resolve to work on behalf of and to take its marching orders from the Marxist enterprise that the Democratic Party has slowly, inexorably, and inevitably devolved into. And, this Political Party, in turn, in all likelihood, takes its marching orders from our ostensible “allies” in Europe, in whom the Party shares a common cause.

And, what is that common cause? It is nothing less than the destruction of the sovereignty and independence of all Western Nations, along with the subjugation of the polity of those Nation States, including the citizenry of the United States.

And, who are these purported allies of the Democratic Party? They include the innately and highly secretive, extraordinarily powerful, inordinately wealthy, inherently corrupt, abjectly ruthless, hedonistic and amoral, and insufferably decadent Rothschild clan and the clan's minions, most infamously, George Soros—whom, curiously, Fox News has just begun to mention on its nightly news programs. And, how long shall it be before the Fox News media organization demonstrates the moral courage to mention the name, Rothschild, itself—the Centuries-old family, inbred, through the ages, with the royalty of Europe—in whom plans were first drawn up for domination of the nations of the world, and that remains today the principal architect of plans for the dissolution of the Nation States of Europe and of the United States.

Simply witness the impact that implementation of their plans have had on the citizenry of the Nations of the European Union. The creation of the EU just didn’t happen by accident. The Blueprint for its construction began long ago, actually centuries ago, with the creation of the diabolical and horrific Central Banking System through which wealthy financiers, commencing with the ruthless Rothschild clan would be able to, were, in fact, able to, and were desirous of controlling the destinies of Nations. And, the descendants of the family Patriarch, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, have been machinating to bring their schema for a trans-global political, social, economic, financial, legal, and cultural system of Governance—the New World Order—to fruition.

What Americans are witnessing occurring in their own Country, and what native populations of the Nations of the EU are now witnessing occurring in Europe, is the gathering storm of disaster for European and U.S. citizens alike—a cascading sequence of events—a horrific, cataclysmic reconfiguration of the entirety of Western Civilization into something out of science fiction–a Dystopian nightmare reality, for the populations of of Europe, and for the citizenry of the United States, from which no one can awaken.


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