Two Paths: Get Out or Beat Them at Their Own Game

Two Paths:Get Out or Beat Them at Their Own Game

Two Paths: Get Out or Beat Them at Their Own Game

I recently wrote about what I consider to be the multinational industrial complex.

President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex, essentially fascism with a capitalist twist.

But over the years, the bought politicians and their corporate cronies have expanded the concept to be something far more insidious and far more damaging to average Americans.

Here’s the way the government works it. Let’s use the tobacco industry for example.

Liberal politicians wanted smokers to stop and didn’t want a new generation of smokers to start (which hasn’t really worked since smoking is on the rise again in the U.S.). So they resorted to social engineering, limiting use of tobacco products by state and federal mandate; a historic lawsuit and other legislation that looked to individuals like the government cared about the safety and well being of citizens.

That’s all well and good, but behind the scenes something else was going on. For the big tobacco firms to suck all this up, the politicians did something that would actually help Big Tobacco consolidate what was left of the industry by passing laws that only mattered to little farmers’ livelihood.


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