Top 5 Most ABSURD Things Liberals Blame on Climate Change

Top 5 Most ABSURD Things Liberals Blame on Climate Change

Top 5 Most ABSURD Things Liberals Blame on Climate Change

If you thought Bernie Sanders blaming climate change for the rise of terrorism was the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Next time your liberal friend tells you climate change is responsible for something, remember the top five most absurd things liberals have blamed on climate change

1) Death!
Did you know that climate change causes 160,000 deaths a year? It also causes 315,000 deaths a year. And lastly, it causes 300,000 deaths a year.

Well, we only have record of roughly 30,000 “climate related” deaths each year – and this is a 99.4 percent decline from 80 years prior. Check please!


2) Shark Attacks
Apparently the writers over at the Guardian think climate change is driving the rise in fatal shark attacks, saying “In the first four months of this year, there were four fatal shark attacks worldwide, compared with one in the whole of 2007.”

What an epidemic. One hundred times more people die each year falling out of bed in the United States alone than globally from shark attacks.

To put in perspective how little a problem shark attacks are, famed physicist Freeman Dyson found that reports of shark attacks scare a large number of people, which deters them from visiting the shore (and tragically drowning). People are much more likely to die of drowning than from a shark attack. So according to his calculations, there are ten fewer drowning deaths for each shark attack that occurs. In which case you could also infer that shark attacks actually SAVE lives.


3) Infidelity
As one writer for the Miami New Times explains “Hot, unpredictable weather makes for unfaithful partners. Just when you thought your hope of finding true love in Miami had hit rock bottom, a story like this comes along to prove there’s even farther to fall.”

Who knew, we have no free will after all!

How liberals explain the fact that overall rates of infidelity are declining remains unanswered.


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