Ted Nugent: Irrational CWD Fears Are Hurting the Hunting Tradition

Ted Nugent: Irrational CWD Fears Are Hurting the Hunting Tradition

Ted Nugent Hunting Tradition

Lord knows how I really hate to write these types of articles, but in this real world of fluctuation, in order to maximize the good, caring people must never back away from our “we the people” duties to fight the bad and ugly.

By Ted Nugent

I won’t bore you with the gory details of how chronic wasting disease was 1st discovered/created by Colorado bureaucrats back in 1967, or the technical scientific terminology gobblygook, but a cursory review of the documented facts surrounding this controversial condition found in deer should raise the hackles of all honest conservationists and deer lovers nationwide.

CWD has never negatively impacted any deerherd or deerhunting anywhere, whereas just a few short years ago, much to the anger of Wisconsin deerhunting families, Wisconsin, in their bizarre unsupportable over-reaction, slaughtered a few hundred thousand deer in that historically traditional deerhunting state. CWD didn’t hurt the Wisconsin herd, the CWD “eradication effort” did!!

And now, continuing the same insane mistake, the Michigan is doing the same horrible thing after finding a single doe that tested positive. Since destroying another couple thousand deer, no more cases of CWD have been found as of this writing.

And now Texas! I thought Texans knew better.

Dear God in heaven! What is going on here? CWD didn’t kill thousands of deer. The government agency sworn to protect and manage this precious resource and paid by hunters killed thousands of deer.

I dare anyone to attempt to explain this in honest, logical, scientifically supportable terms. Ain’t gonna happen. Can’t be done.

CWD was 1st identified/created in a Colorado testing facility operated by the state. CWD did NOT come from deer farms or hunting ranches. It was first discovered in wild mule deer.

When a deer at an Iowa deer farm was found to be positive for CWD, the Iowa DNR came in a killed every deer on the family property, destroying their livelihood with no believable explanation whatsoever.

Compare this action to the game department of South Dakota when the highest incidence of CWD was found in their Wind River park elk herd. When the infected elk herd outgrew the carrying capacity of that high fence state preserve, South Dakota simply lowered the fence to allow the exposed elk to escape into the Custer National Park.

Iowa violently over-reacted with ZERO science or evidence to support their actions, destroying the private property of a family, while the state of SD admitted that the CWD exposed elk posed no risk to wild herds of deer and elk.

Hey bureaucrats, which is it? A dangerous wildlife threat or no threat at all? Good grief.