Stupid Obama Sheeple Sign Petition to Nuke North Korea

Obama Sheeple Sign Petition to Nuke North Korea

Obama Sheeple Sign Petition to Nuke North Korea

Obama supporters in San Diego once again exhibited their breathtaking readiness to blindly support anything associated with the President by signing a petition which calls for launching a nuclear strike against North Korea.

Told that nuking North Korea would help Obama “leave behind a legacy,” one man enthusiastically signs the petition before remarking, “That’s crazy, but I’m for Obama so I’ll sign it.”

Another man signs the petition while Dice tells him a “nuclear strike into the heart of the country” will “help save the North Korean people.”

Dice then explains the meaning behind the petition over and over again to one woman, telling her it is to “support President Obama’s plan to save the North Koreans with a nuclear strike, to stop Kim Jong-Un.” She appears confused but signs the petition anyway.

“This will help liberate those people with a nuclear attack,” Dice tells another man who signs without asking any questions.

Another man with a pony tail signs the petition to nuke North Korea before commenting, “Alright, cool man!”

Several people refuse to sign the petition, including one man who notes that a nuclear strike in a city wouldn’t “liberate” anyone and that “the only thing that would live is the cockroaches.”

This is by no means the first time that Obama supporters have advocated using nuclear strikes against apparently hostile governments. Asked to support President Obama’s “new plan to deal with Russia,” namely a pre-emptive nuclear strike in the name of ‘maintaining America’s superiority’, numerous people signed the petition.


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