Student Suspended for Wearing Military T-Shirt Honoring Brother

Student Suspended for Wearing Military T-Shirt Honoring Brother

Student Suspended for Wearing Military T-Shirt Honoring Brother

Remember the good old days, when schoolkids got suspended for actual bad behavior? Today students are more likely to be suspended or expelled for daring not to conform to the strictures of political correctness and anti-gun hysteria.

Officials at Dexter McCarty Middle School suspended eighth-grade student Alan Holmes for wearing a pro-military t-shirt in honor of the service his older brother performed as a U.S. Marine in a tour in Iraq when he was 19 years old, reports EAG News.

School officials told Holmes the shirt was inappropriate because it contained a weapon. The school dress code prohibits students from wearing anything that promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence. Because Holmes’ shirt depicted a military rifle, he was asked to wear a school shirt instead or face suspension.

But the rifle is plunged barrel-first into the ground, with a helmet on top and boots on the bottom. It reads: “Standing for those who stood for us.” Holmes explained. “This isn’t relating to violence," he said. "The barrel is pointed down – total gun safety." But common sense is not a strong suit among school officials these days.

“The principal, I asked him, is this considered a suspension? He said 'Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow,' and I left... They won’t let me wear a shirt to supports the people who keep us free, I’m not going to support them.”

“I was just upset. I was heartbroken,” he continued. “My brother, he means everything to me. Just being able to help and give back to the people who fought and died for us it just makes me feel good.”

Holmes’ father said, “I’m proud of him. I would have done the same thing.”

EAG News posted some examples of online comments from people outraged by Holmes’ suspension:

“The ‘image’ on this shirt shows (honor to) buried American soldiers, the weapon is used to hold the helmet when buried in the field. If that is inappropriate … then the school should haul down the American flag in front of it and return all … federal funding it receives.”


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