Scare Report Doesn’t Want You to Pass on Firearm Traditions

Scare Report Doesn’t Want You to Pass on Firearm Traditions

Scare Report Doesn’t Want You to Pass on Firearm Traditions

The latest nonsense anti-2nd Amendment propaganda to hit the scene aims to convince Americans that firearm manufacturers are marketing their products directly to children.

The anti-2nd Amendment Violence Policy Center just released a report titled “Start Them Young,” which features as its cover a photograph of unhinged Sandy Hook murderer Adam Lanza as a child and surrounded by firearm paraphernalia.

An “About the Cover” section in the report is pulled from a 2013 report in The Telegraph: “A chilling photograph of a small boy, gnawing on a pistol clutched in his tiny hands, dressed in camouflage and with a grenade and ammunition belt in his lap, was recovered from the weapon-filled home of Sandy Hook school gunman Adam Lanza….A family friend said that Lanza and his older brother were taught to shoot almost as soon as they could hold a weapon by their mother Nancy, a gun fanatic. But a spokesman for Mrs. Lanza’s ex-husband, Peter, last night denied that the child in the uncaptioned photograph was either son.”

The report goes on to list several quotes from the firearms industry and various outdoors groups about the joys of getting young Americans involved in the shooting sports and the importance of raising a new generation of responsible gun owners.

Here’s one such statement from the Shooting Sports Retailer’s publication in 2007: “If we don’t improve at cultivating new hunters and shooters, the sport we love and industry we work in will eventually die away. That’s a strong diagnosis, but a realistic one. Like many enthusiast sports in this busy, competitive world, people are leaving faster than new ones are coming in — and this is a recipe for industry-wide trouble down the road.”

Over the course of its 46 page report, the Violence Policy Center goes on to surmise that gun manufacturers, sporting groups and parents interested in getting American youngsters involved in hunting and shooting sports are raising a generation of future mass shooters.


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