Russia Reveals Secret Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub

Russia Reveals Secret Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub

Russia Reveals Secret Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub

A Russian document shown on state-run television confirmed that Moscow is developing a high-speed drone submarine capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

The secret weapon was shown on a document during several Tuesday Russian television broadcasts of President Vladimir Putin announcing plans for new strike weapons capable of defeating missile defenses.

Disclosure of the nuclear-tipped, torpedo-shaped weapon was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon and has been dubbed Kanyon by the Pentagon.

A Kremlin spokesman confirmed Wednesday that the weapon, which Moscow is calling the Status-6 system, was inadvertently disclosed.

“Some secret information did indeed end up in front of the camera lenses, so it was later deleted,” Russian spokesman Dmitri Peskov was quoted by Interfax as saying. “We hope this won’t happen again.”

The document, first reported by the military blog Russian Forces, reveals that the drone submarine is in development.

“I don’t yet know about any measures, but in future we will, naturally, take preventative measures so that this doesn’t happen again,” Peskov said when asked whether action would be taken in response to the unauthorized disclosure.

The document revealed that the Kanyon project is called “Ocean Multipurpose System ‘Status-6” and the developer was identified as the TsKB MT Rubin design bureau, which has built all current submarines in service with the Russian navy.


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