Preparing For (And Surviving) Martial Law

Preparing For (And Surviving) Martial Law

Preparing For (And Surviving) Martial Law

The Founding Fathers did everything within their power to ensure that the United States government they were forming would stay small. Having suffered from taxation without representation and many other injustices from the English government that was continuing to control them, they were especially sensitive to make sure nothing like that ever happened in America.

But as we know, today our government just keeps getting larger and larger. President Barack Obama’s dream is to have the government control everything — from what food we grow and eat to how we raise our children to what we can and cannot say both publicly and privately and much more. There may not be a greater irony than the fact that Obama was once a constitutional law professor. As president, he continues to do whatever he can to turn this country into a place where the law of the land is far different from what the U.S. Constitution established.

One of the ways that increasingly big, oppressive governments control their populations is through the periodic enactment and enforcement of martial law. It’s a great way to take away freedoms from people while justifying the action by saying it’s for everyone’s benefit. In reality, it’s a legal way to set up a dictatorship.

Liberals say conservatives are paranoid when we talk about the possibility that our government will enact martial law in the near future. But they completely ignore the signs pointing in that direction.

They look the other way when the Department of Homeland Security buys up billions of rounds of ammunition. They don’t think twice about the government’s providing local police forces with thousands of armored fighting vehicles designed for the most extreme circumstances. They don’t notice that the government sets up one program after another to spy on everything American citizens say and do, even in the “privacy” of their own homes. And they certainly have no problem with the government’s singling out conservative organizations for harassment.

We have every right to fear and get angry about what is happening here. If you are a freedom-loving patriot, the last thing you want is the government invoking martial law. We may be powerless to stop it from happening, but we should determine in advance how we’re going to handle it. So let’s take a look at what martial law is and what our options are once it is established.

Martial law, which can be declared by the president, involves the military’s taking over governmental functions with an aim at restoring stability. If people are rioting in the streets, a very brief period of martial law doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. But if it is enacted prior to those types of circumstances by a dictator, it’s all about taking away liberties so citizens can be more easily controlled.

There is a very obvious military presence in the streets once martial law is declared. With soldiers walking up and down the streets and tanks parked on corners, behavior will be closely monitored, curfews will be strictly enforced and civil liberties will be revoked. And you can bet they will come after your guns.


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