Omar Says Police Shouldn’t Exist After Learning Some Cops are Jewish

Omar Says Police Shouldn’t Exist After Learning Some Cops are Jewish

Freshman congressman are often surprised by what they see when they get to D.C. compared to their idealized abilities to get in there and “make changes” but the political shoe is on the other proverbial foot now that Congress itself is getting shocked by the freshman congresswomen arriving on Capitol Hill like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and now Ilhan Omar, a House Representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district.

Omar has been quite the lightening rod for negative attention with comments in the past about the Jewish people and a new situation coming to light is definitely not going to calm things down! On Thursday, as the throngs of press tried getting answers from Omar as she left her office, some of them got a little too close for comfort and that’s when Capitol Police Officer J. Bernstein stepped in to protect the congresswoman.

Omar turned to thank the Officer and noted his name badge and inquired as to his background. Officer Bernstein was happy to talk with Omar because like her, his family came to the United States for a better life in 1995. However, when she saw the yarmulke atop Bernsteins head, her visage changed and she abruptly ended the conversation.


Omar later would tweet out:


Omar has since said her tweet was misunderstood but has not clarified why or how. A symbolic statement of “Most of the Police are Still OK” is to be voted on later today on the House floor. The bill is 7 pages long, 6 of which explain why police are very often “not ok” causing many to wonder why they are voting on a bill that has a contradictory title and contents.