NRA Launches Campaign Against Obama's Gun Control

NRA Launches Campaign Against Obama's Gun Control

NRA Launches Campaign Against Obama's Gun Control

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun groups in the United States have launched a massive media blitz to counter President Barack Obama's new executive actions on gun control restrictions.

“The Gun Owners of America is rallying the grassroots in opposition to the president’s unlawful executive actions," Erich Pratt, the gun group's executive director, told a news agency on Saturday.

"Our hope is to produce enough pressure that either the president backs off of his plans to restrict Second Amendment rights, as he did last year when he withdrew the ban on ‘green tip’ ammunition, or we generate so much momentum that the next president is compelled to rescind Obama’s unlawful decrees during the first week in office," Pratt said.

The offensive is reportedly comprised of a series of videos, newspaper ads and email alerts from the NRA, the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation in an effort to swing public opinion against the measures.

Reports said the gun groups were also working to make opposition to Obama's gun actions a litmus test for any Republican candidate with GOP voters poised to hit the polls.

“The easiest solution is to elect a pro-gun president,” the group stated in an email alert.

“While several presidential hopefuls have already indicated they would repeal Obama’s executive actions if elected, the GOA-endorsed candidate, Ted Cruz, has promised to erase Obama’s gun control legacy,” it continued.


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