NEW STUDY: No Evidence of a Gay Gene

NEW STUDY: No Evidence of a Gay Gene

NEW STUDY: No Evidence of a Gay Gene

This is going to make the LGBT crowd very unhappy (even though they knew this was the case from the start)…

From Daily Wire:

An unpublished UCLA study challenging the societal “born this way” dogma of homosexuality has already been gaining traction in the public media since its presentation at an annual scientific conference last week.

The twin study conducted at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, finds that homosexuality may be triggered by environmental factors after birth. The research uses an algorithm covering epigenetic markers from several genomic sites of 37 sets of identical male twins to predict homosexuality in males, with 70 percent accuracy, as presented at the American Society of Human Genetics 2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore.

“The finding is highly controversial because it suggests that some men are not born gay, but are turned homosexual by their surroundings,” Sarah Knapton of Telegraph suggested.

Wait a tick…

Does that mean that kids raised by gay parents or who have been unfortunately abused are more prone to becoming gay?

You don’t say?

I feel like conservatives have been saying this for years!

Does this prove beyond all reasonable doubt that gay people choose to be gay?

Yeah, it really does. And more likely than not, there will never be evidence of a gay gene (unless studies are highly falsified like they are with climate change analysis).

As we’ve known since the beginning of time, a baby boy or girl does not develop in the womb with a gene that tells them to be attracted to the opposite sex.

Why liberals still push the lie that people are “born this way” makes little sense, but because so many Americans are uninformed on the issues, they go along with whatever Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media tell them to.


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