New Bill Allows Taxpayers to Bypass Dems, Contribute Directly to Border Wall

New Bill Allows Taxpayers to Bypass Dems, Contribute Directly to Border Wall

The Democrats aren’t going to use your taxpayer dollars to fund a wall along the southern border. If one representative has his way, however, perhaps you will be able to make the decision for yourself.

Rep. Mark Green, a Tennessee Republican, told Breitbart that he’s introduced the Dollars for the Wall Act, a piece of legislation that would allow people to donate to the project on their tax returns.

“Taxpayer dollars should never be used to advance political campaigns. But keeping Americans safe must be our #1 priority,” Green said in a media release.

“Americans spoke loud and clear in the 2016 election that we want a wall to secure our southern border. Congress has clearly been unable to get the job done. My bill will give every American the opportunity to directly help President Trump build the wall.”

The Dollars for the Wall Act works like this: If you’ve ever filled out a 1040 form, you’ve no doubt seen the part where you’re asked whether you want to donate a few dollars of your tax return ($3 for individual filers, $6 for joint filers) to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

Only 6 percent of taxpayers do, according to FiveThirtyEight. Whatever money is collected goes into a pool that matches presidential candidates’ own fundings — but only up until a certain point and with strings attached.

Former President Barack Obama eschewed the matching taxpayer funds back in 2008, becoming the first major party nominee to do so since the program started. His refusal is credited with his significant fundraising advantage over John McCain, who took the matching funds.

In 2016, The Washington Post reported, only one candidate — Martin O’Malley — took the matching funds.

In short, the Presidential Election Campaign Fund is kind of like ICQ: I mean, sure, it’s still around, but nobody’s using it in 2019 and it’s probably not getting a lot of funding.

So, why not allow a question on your 1040 that would allow your money to go toward building the border wall, instead? That’s what Rep. Green is proposing.