Mike Rowe Sends Brutal Message to 'Clock Kid' About His Future

Mike Rowe Sends Brutal Message to 'Clock Kid' About His Future

Mike Rowe Sends Brutal Message to 'Clock Kid' About His Future

The left and the mainly liberal media have a huge soft spot for Ahmed Mohamed, the “Clock Kid,” but it’s beginning to take its toll on the millions of Americans who actually fear what this kid and his family may truly be about.

Instead of understanding that the concern comes from the fact that Ahmed came to school with a a digital clock stuffed into a suitcase with wires going every which way — which made it look like very much like a homemade bomb — liberals want to say that having this concern is racist because Ahmed is Muslim.

While they push the liberal pro-Muslim agenda and celebrate Ahmed’s celebrity status among America haters at the United Nations, they ignore the various facts that have come out about the family, including Ahmed’s older sister getting suspended from school just three years earlier for making a bomb threat.

Mike Rowe made a comment during an interview with TheBlaze that got him into hot water with some of his fans.

“The first thing that struck me was how disconnected the country has come from what bombs really look like,” Rowe stated. “(T)he average person wouldn’t know a bomb from a sofa.”

A Facebook user named Steve Barton confronted Rowe over his comments, stating that Rowe is “an arrogant (deleted) for saying that we as Americans are cartoonish buffoons for not knowing what a ‘bomb’ looks like.”

“Who puts a clock in a briefcase that his parents would let him take this to school knowing it looked quite a bit like a bomb?” Barton continued, “I used to like/respect Mike Rowe, but he needs to fade away after insulting us all!”

Well, Mike decide to take to Facebook to clarify his comments, and the result was epic.

After explaining that these were “first thoughts” that were never intended to be the main focus of an article by TheBlaze, Rowe admitted he had some very serious thoughts about the incident in Texas.

“If you’re going to bring something into a school in this day and age that the average person is likely to identify as a weapon — you should expect to be treated very, very roughly. I don’t care if your name’s Andrew or Ahmed. It’s not going to end well for you. – Mike Rowe.”


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