MENG: The Perfect 10

MENG: The Perfect 10

The Perfect 10 mm, book Just As Dead

Throughout most of my career as a police officer, I trusted the .45 ACP round both on- and off-duty. I had confidence in its knock-down power and knew the slow, lumbering round probably wouldn’t injure innocents on the other side of a wall like some of the faster bullets of the day.

But just as my character Harry Gant did in Just As Dead, I recently wanted something with more kinetic energy and more accuracy at greater distances. I found the 10mm round to be perfect.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my 45-caliber handguns (and I have more than one), but let’s face it. Just like a beautiful woman at closing time, the .45 ACP round has some flaws. It’s has great stopping power at relatively close ranges, but that power diminishes quickly at longer distances.

The larger weight of 10mm bullets and the sheer ballistic superiority of the 10mm round make it a much more powerful self-defense round compared to the 9mm or .40 S&W...and even the .45. Pistols made for the 10mm do have more recoil than those three rounds, and they are considerably heavier than other semi-autos, so they can be harder to aim with consistency, too.

If you’re looking for a handgun round that shoots farther and with more power than most semi-automatics, the 10mm may be the perfect for you. It’s now Gant’s caliber of choice.


John Meng is a former police officer and author of Just As Dead. Visit: