MENG: California Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work

MENG: California Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work

MENG: California Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Like professional magicians, Progressives are experts at rhetorical slight of hand. They distract and divide our attention while manipulating their pro-tyranny agenda. They draw our focus to one hand that espouses issues such as ‘gun violence’ and ‘gun sense’ and exploit horrible tragedies to garner emotional support from the public, while the other hand deftly and secretly strips away our Constituional rights....of course, all in the name of ‘protecting’ the people.

It’s the same ‘protection’ that has been offered throughout history by such magnanimous statesmen as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot and others.

Luckily, the American people are waking up to the Progressive ‘let no tragedy go to waste’ slight of hand. They’re on to the trick.

According to a recent NYT/CBS News poll, Americans are more fearful of terrorism now than they have been since immediately after 9/11. However, the poll also shows Americans do not support President Obama’s renewed call for gun control. Only 44 percent of Americans support a ban on assault weapons, 50 percent oppose it.

The recent terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California (as well as the attack in Paris), is proof that hastily piling on more gun control laws isn’t the solution. Consider the following facts. The State of California has:
• Banned assault weapons
• Is a ‘may issue’ state for concealed carry
• Does not recognize any concealed carry permits issued by other states
• Limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less
• Does not allow open carry of firearms
• Requires background checks for all firearm purchases, including all sales at gun shows
• Requires a 10-day waiting period

None of these oppressive gun control measures stopped the terrorists in San Bernadino from killing innocent people.

So, why do Progressives continue to believe harsh gun control laws will stop mass shootings when statistics and history prove they do not? The truth is they don’t believe it. The talk on gun control is simply more slight of hand to reach their broader goal of bigger, more intrusive government and the complete subjugation of the American people.

Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.


John Meng, Daily Gadsden