Media Lies, Insinuates Christians to Blame for Orlando Terror Attack

Media Lies, Insinuates Christians to Blame for Orlando Terror Attack

Media Lies, Insinuates Christians to Blame for Orlando Terror Attack

Left-wing media bias is anything but subtle. In fact, the bald-faced lies perpetuated on a daily basis are so blatant and so concerted that it can only be accurately described as a political strategy of willful deceit on the part of mainstream media networks. And one would need to be deaf, dumb and blind -- or lobotomized -- not to see it. 

One of the worst perpetrators isCBS' Scott Pelley, who on Tuesday evening skewed his report on the Orlando terror attack to insinuate once again that Christian bigotry is what's really to blame. Newsbusters breaks down the report and the video segment is featured above: 

To ease into the Christian bashing host Scott Pelley stated, “There has been so much progress for the LGBT Community, but we are now reminded that fear is still a constant reality.”

As the center piece of her report CBS’s Mireya Villarreal brought on Lorri Jean the CEO of the LGBT Center in Los Angeles. In the report Villarreal showed Jean letting loose on her political opponents:

Politicians who slander LGBT people, who say we should be driven out of public life, that we're not fit to raise children, that we are a threat to the moral fabric of our society-- that kind of rhetoric promotes kind of violence that happened yesterday.

Villarreal followed up Jean by showing her own evidence, “The hate has been perpetuated through social media with tweets and videos like this one posted by a Christian pastor in California.” A video played of Baptist pastor Roger Jimenez of Sacramento saying Orlando is now safer and, “The tragedy is that more of them didn't die.”

We knew full-well that the networks would hop all over that video clip of the Baptist pastor who said that the "tragedy is that more of them didn't die." Funny, the same networks didn't seem all that bothered by the video clip in which an Orlando imam stated that homosexuals should be executed. Nor are they concerned about covering the fact that homosexuality is punishable by death in 11 Islamic countries, nor are they concerned by anything when it comes to Islam's persecution of women, members of the LGBT community and other minorities the left claims to champion.

That is the Left: dishonest to the bone. 


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