LIVINGSTON: The Banksters Win Now But The Storm Is Coming

LIVINGSTON: The Banksters Win Now But The Storm Is Coming

LIVINGSTON: The Banksters Win Now But The Storm Is Coming

The Fed has flooded the world with credit; and we must be fully aware that there has never been a single credit-driven asset inflation that has not been followed by market collapse, followed by a financial crisis, which always erases most of the previous gains.

The public is smothered in propaganda-induced euphoria at this time, totally oblivious to the approaching storm. Tricks of banking and currency are what they were created to be, illusions of prosperity, which always leads to certain collapse and depression.

As the Fed raised interest rates for the first time since June 2006 last week and signaled that quarter point increases can be expected each quarter next year, it did so while painting illusions of recovery.

“I feel confident about the fundamentals driving the U.S. economy, the health of U.S. households, and domestic spending,” Fed chief Janet Yellen said during a press conference. “There are pressures on some sectors of the economy, particularly manufacturing, and the energy sector … but the underlying health of the U.S. economy I consider to be quite sound.”

The sycophantic Keynesian corporate media whores joined in, proclaiming:

But the economy is no longer in crisis. In fact it is a lot healthier — unemployment now is at 5%, half of the 10% rate it hit in 2009 during the worst of the jobs crisis.

Over 12 million jobs have been added since the recession ended. Wages — which have barely grown during the recovery — have also started to pick up recently.


“The Fed’s decision today reflects our confidence in the U.S. economy, that we believe we’ve seen substantial improvements in labor market conditions,” Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said in a news conference.

But not so fast. Signals indicate the U.S. is now in outright deflationary recession. Commodities are down 70 percent — to levels not seen since 1999 — and are still falling, per the Bloomberg Commodity Index. Oil continues to fall to levels long unseen.


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