Kansas Workplace Shooter Illegally Acquired Guns

Kansas Workplace Shooter Illegally Acquired Guns

Kansas Workplace Shooter Illegally Acquired Guns

Cedric Ford, 38, has been identified as the shooter who killed three people and injured dozens more at a lawnmower parts factory where he was employed in Hesston, Kansas Thursday.

Ford worked at Excel Industries as a painter and according to his Facebook page, was the father of two children. But also on his page, were pictures of him posing with weapons -- weapons he wasn't supposed to have because of his criminal record.

A Florida native, Ford has a rap sheet spanning at least a decade between his home state and Kansas. Here's what we know so far:

• Burglary

• Grand theft

• Domestic violence

• Drugs

• Fleeing from an officer

• Misdemeanor for fighting

• Traffic violations


Police say that about 90 minutes before the shooting started, Ford was served with a protection from abuse order, presumably stemming from another instance of domestic battery. Co-workers said that earlier in the day, Ford seemed fine but disappeared without warning before returning and firing from his car and storming the building.


Each shooting in America brings the same rhetoric from gun control advocates that say we need more laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Yet, gun laws were in place in this instance to keep Ford from obtaining weapons, as he would not be able to pass a background check given his record. Not only did those laws have no effect on him acquiring weapons, but he was brazen enough to post photos of himself posing and shooting with his 9mm pistol and AKM carbine on Facebook.


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