HYPOCRISY ALERT: EPA Spends Millions on Wooden Furniture

HYPOCRISY ALERT: EPA Spends Millions on Wooden Furniture

HYPOCRISY ALERT: EPA Spends Millions on Wooden Furniture

Data made public by the government watchdog group OpenTheBooks.com shows that the Environmental Protection Agency has no problem using millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase things made out of the very trees they vow to protect.

The examples are astounding and caught the attention of The Washington Times, who awarded the EPA their Golden Hammer award this week for abusive government spending. For instance, a drawer that simply holds pencils was purchased for $813.57. (Wal-Mart sells them online for $10, as the Times points out, but apparently the government doesn't have Internet access.)

In total, $92.4 million has been spent over the last ten years to purchase top-quality hickory chairs and tables, plus the moving and storing of said items. And they're not shopping at stores where everyday Americans shop, but contracting high-end retailers like Herman Miller and Knoll to have access to their expensive and museum-quality furnishings.

How expensive? How about a hexagonal table sold for $5,539, or hickory chairs for $6,391. Some office chairs are $730 a piece.

The EPA employs over 15,000 people and according to calculations, spends about $6000 per person on furniture alone, according to these figures.

In one transaction, the watchdog group discovered that the EPA paid well over $70,000 just to move and store some furniture while carpet was replaced in an office.

In addition to these figures, the Times lists several other instances where the EPA has found itself in hot water for abusing its power and involving itself in less-than-moral practices. Such as the time last year employees were asked to stop defecating in the hallways, or when it was discovered that "secret man caves" had been built for EPA contractors.

And who could forget this summer when the EPA "accidentally" polluted the river systems across three Western states with contaminated mine water while they were trying to protect the area?


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