The Great American Gun Grab of 2019

The Great American Gun Grab of 2019

We've been right about this all along. We saw this coming and knew it was inevitable. We spoke about it, wrote about and we talked about it to anyone who would listen.

They said we were crazy, whacko gun nuts and insisted that “no one is coming for your guns.” They called us paranoid and claimed we were fearmongering to raise money and scare Americans into believing they were coming door to door to confiscate our firearms. They called us liars.

It turns out we were right.

The Great American Gun Grab as I'm calling it here is well underway.

Fueled by a radical, leftist, dominant media and pushing an incredibly and increasingly anti-gun narrative, rights-hating politicians are openely campaigning on a socialist platform. They are also receiving unlimited coverage and shoving an alarmingly unAmerican plan for America right down our throats. There seems to be no end in sight to the relentlessly negative coverage, and while it's never been this bad before, it's going to get worse.

Foreigners and many Americans alike are falling for this intentional and hysterical media portrayal of a nation awash in blood. An apocalyptic tale of 320 million citizens in such danger of being shot that we can't go to a movie theatre, school, restaurant, concert, festival, shopping or walk down the street without fear of being murdered in cold blood according to dopey leftist and rabid gun-hater, Alyssa Milano, for example.

The problem? That's complete and total fabricated bullshit.

Millions of us go to movie theatres, schools, restaurants, concerts, festivals, shopping or out for a walk, every day in America, safely, without being shot to death. Millions upon millions upon millions of us. Statistics that prove me right be damned. None of it matters. The fact that you stand a better chance of being mowed down by a speeding ice cream truck driven by a cross-dressing clown on his way to a cross-dressing clown ice cream truck driver convention doesn't matter. The fact that thousands of Americans have used a gun in the last couple of days to save a life doesn't matter. None of it fits their narrative.

How mighty is this avalanche, this unrelenting bombardment of negative coverage and what eventual effect may it have on our freedoms and our right to bear arms?

Consider this: Decade after decade goes by that Democrat politicians run cities in decay all across the nation. Decay powered by overlapping generations of failed policies that lead to hopelessness, despair, poverty, gang violence, drugs, and yes, “violence with guns.” The numbers are staggering in Chicago alone and year after year, those very citizens who suffer under the dismal conditions of Democrat policies in those cities in decay, continue to vote for more of the same.

Why? Because of what they see, hear and read, day in and day out, that reinforces what they’ve been told by politicians, slanted local and mainstream media, all driving the same narrative, that paints a picture in contrast to reality. They've bought a bill of goods. Mired in the misery created by the people they've placed in power for decades, they blame the other guy.

They've swallowed the proverbial “Kool-Aide,” the metaphorical reference to the bombardment of coverage that tells them it's the other guy's fault. To those of us on the outside of the inner-city blight, we shake our heads in disbelief. Meanwhile, the damage is done as generation after generation goes by. The sad fact is that we will not live long enough to see, for example, Chicago “fixed.” Or Detroit, or Baltimore, etc. Yes, the damage is done.

Does the same fate await our right to bear arms? Can enough people drink the Kool-Aide that their efforts succeed?

You're not going to like this answer but yes, it very well could. The relentless pounding in the media, the onslaught of hatred from the Socialists (formerly known as Democrats), is a blueprint years in the making that aims to end civilian gun ownership in this country. The attack is well underway and shows no signs of relenting, in fact, just the opposite.

Right now, the other side is trying to finish us off. Think of the German soldier in Saving Private Ryan gently plunging the knife through the heart of one of our guys, slowly but surely silencing his enemy. They believe they have us down and that we will comply.

The only question left now is, will we?