Daniels: Obama Will Play Every Card in the Deck to Take Away America’s Guns

Daniels: Obama Will Play Every Card in the Deck to Take Away America’s Guns

Daniels: Obama Will Play Every Card in the Deck to Take Away America’s Guns

Gun control is one of the most divisive subjects in America, a “cause celeb,” a political football, a challenge to the Second Amendment and a thumb perpetually being stuck in the eye of law abiding citizens by President Obama.

Counter to the careless claims coming from those furthest to the left, responsible gun owners in America don't use their firearms for offensive purposes. They keep them out of the reach of children, and they want to see the guns taken out of the hands of those who do use firearms for offensive purposes just as fervently as the shrillest voices coming from the opposition.

The problems concerning gun control do not stem from either side of the issue wanting to protect the guilty, and all sides want to disarm them, it’s the means and methods that we use to go about doing this. It is the misunderstanding and intransigence of some on both sides, along with the public's instinctual distrust of government that creates the conundrum.

No gun owner, who values their constitutionally guaranteed rights would trust Barack Obama as far as they could throw a hippopotamus when it comes to gun control, and it's easy to understand why.

Obama has lied about health care and changed his stance on same-sex marriage. He has proven himself to be totally untrustworthy, and no gun owner will ever trust them in his care.

It's not that most American gun owners would not be willing to submit to somewhat more stringent requirements, it's just that they know that it would never stop. Give government a toothpick-sized opening, and the first thing you know, it's the size of railroad crosstie and growing exponentially larger, just like everything else their bureaucratic, control-loving hands touch.

It's the old "give an inch, take a mile" adage.

I believe, and I think that the majority of the gun owners also feel, that Barack Obama wants nothing less than total disarmament of this nation. He will go to any lengths available, taking every opportunity presented to him to do so – United Nations treaties and dirty political tricks notwithstanding.

If he and his ilk were serious about doing something about gun violence, they should put aside their politically correct facade, find a pair of big boy pants and do something about the street violence in America's major cities that are responsible for ten times more gun deaths than the random acts.


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