CODREA: Attacks on Gun Owners Backfiring After San Bernardino Shooting

CODREA: Attacks on Gun Owners Backfiring After San Bernardino Shooting

CODREA: Attacks on Gun Owners Backfiring After San Bernardino Shooting

It took a while for the identity of the suspects in yesterday’s San Bernardino massacre to be identified, a fact not lost on those of us riveted by the unfolding story and wondering what was taking so long to at least provide a general description of suspects who were already taken down. With it finally coming out that they were a “devout Muslim” and his Saudi Arabian wife, it makes it fair to wonder what political correctness pressure authorities were under, self-imposed or otherwise.

It’s not that unfair of a speculation.

“A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people,” CBS Los Angeles reported. In other words, he allowed fear of being branded a “racist” by “progressives” to keep him from doing what Homeland Security says we should all do when our suspicions are aroused:

If you see something, say something.

The last high-profile time someone did exactly that, Ahmed the clock boy got an invitation to the White House from Obama himself. Those who said something were subjected to media-fueled ridicule and scorn for being “bigots.” Those who responded are now being extorted to apologize or face a $15M lawsuit.

With opportunistic “progressive” politicians, with the blood-dancing totalitarian lobby and with their media cheerleaders, all too immature to wait for facts to come out and just itching to exploit the citizen disarmament potential a mass shooting presents, the gun-grabbers have once more “jumped the gun.” The only people buying into their hysterical demands for more “common sense gun safety laws” are idiots of questionable usefulness. Meanwhile, the resolve of gun rights advocates is being strengthened as more gun owners are recognizing that “progressive” policies make terrorist and other mass attacks not just easier, but inevitable.

So while all the usual suspects are screaming that “something must be done,” and proclaiming we can’t accept mass shootings as “normal” (a much-parroted talking point both Obama and Hillary are exploiting), certain inconvenient truths don’t escape notice of a growing number of Americans.

Among those truths, as much as the establishment wants everyone to deny it, is that we need to revisit the government’s push to import more Islam and to distribute it throughout the Republic. If Paris didn’t put the skids on that, San Bernardino just may cause some “officials” to reconsider their place in the political equation.

Among those truths, as much as the “progressive” smear machine points fingers and bellows to the contrary, is that white, Christian, male Constitutionalists, and especially the NRA, are a pretty peaceable lot. Does anyone care to come up with a homicide rate for its five million armed-to-the-teeth members?  No?