Brainwashed: Colleges Teaching Students US To Blame For 9/11

Brainwashed: Colleges Teaching Students US To Blame For 9/11

Brainwashed: Colleges Teaching Students US To Blame For 9/11

Tomorrow will mark the 14th anniversary of Sept. 11, and while adults will remember the horrific tragedies that unfolded that day, hundreds of college freshmen, who were a mere 4 years old at the time, will instead be learning that the attack was justified and the terrorists were really just freedom fighters.


The New York Post notesthat “several major universities” will be teaching a freshman-level English course called “The Literature of 9/11”—sounds OK at first, until you realize that the syllabus is chock-full of writings from the point of view of the terrorists. Who would teach such a class? Anti-American leftists, of which there are plenty in higher education in this country.


While the report doesn’t list the schools, it does note public institutions like the University of Maryland and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be teaching this curriculum that will include books titled “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” and “Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak.”

The course at UNC will be taught by associate English professor and post-colonial studies scholar Neel Ahuja.

In Ahuja’s twisted worldview, al Qaeda terrorists are the real victims. “Abu Zubaydah’s torture may be interpreted as simply one more example of the necropower of US imperialism, the power to coerce and kill targeted populations,” Ahuja recently wrote in an academic paper criticizing the war on terror.


He says America’s depiction of the 9/11 terrorists as “monsters” is merely an attempt to “animalize” them as insects and justify “squashing” them in “a fantasy of justice.”


This colonialist “construct” of an “animalized enemy,” he added, “dovetails with the work of mourning the nation after 9/11 (which in the logic of security must be made perpetual, melancholic).” To him, it’s all cynically designed to justify more “imperial violence” against “Muslim, Arab and South Asian men.”

Ahuja goes on to decry the US “colonization” of Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, along with “aerial bombing (and) indefinite detention” of al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo. In other writings, the professor bashes Israel and sides with Palestinian terrorists, further revealing his agenda.


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