MENG: America’s Cultural Cleansing

MENG: America’s Cultural Cleansing

MENG: America’s Cultural Cleansing


Like parasitic worms consuming their host body, Progressives are launching fresh attacks on our American culture and their appetite is insatiable. From judicial activism and government policies targeting Christianity to open attacks on century-old icons of the South, their campaign is nothing less than a ‘Cultural Cleansing’ of some of our nation’s most fundamental principles, traditions and values.

Throughout history, we’ve seen cultural and ethnic cleansing in other parts of the world. It always includes intimidation, forced expulsion and/or killing of the “undesired” group, as well as the destruction or removal of physical and cultural places and items. If they limited themselves to a just few McDonald’s franchises, vapor shops and all of the Kardashians (including Bruce...I mean Caitlyn), it wouldn’t be so bad. But that’s not the case. The ‘cleansors’ seek and destory places of worship, cemeteries, works of art, historical buildings and more.

In the 1940s, Nazi Germany implemented policies that sought to eradicate the Polish culture and they systematically exterminated an estimated four million Jews.

Joseph Stalin re-classified millions of non-Soviet citizens as "enemies of workers" and deported entire nationalities to labor camps and colonies in Central Asia. The ‘forced migrations’ affected approximately six million people. (Note: Walmart has removed Confederate Flags from its inventory because they are considered ‘offensive,’ however, there are plenty of USSR flags and Joseph Stalin merchandise still available.)

During the Bosnian War in the 1990s, both Serbian and Croatian forces conducted cleansing of their intended territories in order to create ethnically pure states.

And, today, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) routinely destroys Christian artifacts and centuries-old historical sites and gruesomely and publicly executes homosexuals and anyone of differing religions as it expands is evil caliphate.

All of these examples have one common denominator — the perpetrators rely on tyranny.

Today’s Progressive ‘liberal’ movement is anything but liberal. In fact, Progressivism cannot exist without tyranny. Progs seek to impose their ideology upon others and enforce it by threat of force. They tear down symbols; rewrite history; destroy people with opposing viewpoints through shrill name-calling and slander; and subvert existing law to achieve their goals.

Liberalism has been unrelentingly hostile to Christianity for many years now, and it’s growing more blatant and virulent every day. No longer are Progressives satisfied with mocking, smearing and demeaning, the Left is working feverishly to use the powers of the State to undermine Christian values via the judicial system, ObamaCare and the IRS.

But the Progressive agenda has also spread like a cancer into our communities. Nativity scenes are banned by home owners associations. Public schools are cancelling Christmas plays and banning Christmas trees; and even Saint Louis University, a Catholic institution, removed a statue of Father Pierre-Jean De Smet. because some staff members thought the sculpture was not ‘culturally sensitive.’ Really? A Catholic school removing a statue of a lauded pioneer priest?!

Progressives are also working to tear down other longstanding cultural monuments and icons, such as the Confederate Flag and statues of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and anything associated with the Confederacy. This week, they even launched at public attack against the Mississippi state flag and a North Carolina group wants to ban the word ‘Dixie.’

Whether the targets are Southern heritage or Christian icons, cultural cleansing isn't just a Christian problem or a Southern problem — it's an American problem. Cultural cleansing has never been part of the American landscape and it has no place here now. Our nation was founded on Christian principles and religious freedom. The Southern culture is also just as much a part of America as the unique cultures from other parts of the country. Let it alone. if you don’t like it, move to Vermont!    The Progressive attempt to erase our history is only part of a broader effort to purge every aspect of America which is based in traditional conservative values. Why? Because it can’t exist otherwise. For the Progs to succeed, they must impose their ideology onto the masses by force, and cleanse Americans of their individual rights and break their spirit.

We can’t let that happen.